WALTHER a synonym for quality
and innovation and a vast range of products for marksmen, hunters and nature lovers. More than 80 years of experience and the world’s largest range of barrels and subcalibre-tube systems are available to our customers.
Gun barrel for Sporting, Hunting and Defence
Equipped with the latest technical machinery,
Lothar Walther currently manufactures
button-rifled barrels from special gun steel and
stainless steel, in more than 240 different calibres
for target shooting, hunting, muzzle-loading and air guns,
in series production or on special order.
Custom made Gun Barrels
With our custom made programme, we offer you the possibility to choose your individual barrel from our production programme: just turned, turned with muzzle, chamber, threading etc.
Wage labour
Centric deep hole drilling from Ø3mm up to Ø22mm
with a maximum length from 1000mm.

Also we are a specialist in honing small drills Ø3mm
up to Ø20mm.

CNC turning and milling
on most modern machines,
specialised for long thin-walled parts like aircraft spire.

Manual or controled straightning from tubes or cylindric
material outside Ø8mm...50mm.